Greetings! I am a terminal music fan who will be writing about my life as a concertgoer from 1975 to the present. Many entries will feature a scan of the original ticket as well as a recollection of each gig as a whole experience rather than simply being a description of the performance. It’s about the music but also about the parallel lives and how I’ve lived it. Therefore, this blog is a mixture of memoir, concert review, music history, and philosophical musing. Concurrently, I will be writing about shows that I am seeing in the present.  I will also sometimes publish off-theme entries, both music and non-music-related. Thanks to Cublet for artwork assistance.

I’m on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mylifeinconcert) and have a YouTube channel, VATV (www.youtube.com/mylifeinconcert) that’s still very much a work in progress. For many years my main publishing platform was over at Open Salon which sadly closed in March 2015.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Violet Hayes

    Since you haven’t blogged over at that other place, I thought I’d drop over and say “Hi” to see if you had anything new here. I see you blogged Jan. 22nd yesterday … 2 years ago, that is.

  2. VariousArtists Post author

    No, that was actually published yesterday — it was the gig that was two years ago. I’m trying to migrate all my back entries from OS to here, hoping to achieve synchronization later this year between the two blogs.

    1. VariousArtists Post author

      Thanks — a nice rotation of new adjectives is always a challenge when working on an ongoing subject. I notice that you’ve done some show reviews on your blog, so will check out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  3. phyllo

    What a great place VA. And we’ve been to some of the same concerts. I just read your entry on Joe Jackson in London (Alumni Hall) and remembered it the same way, though not in as much detail. I’ll have to come back to remember some other concerts.


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