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156. It’s the Year Two Thousand & Ten: Broken Social Scene, December 16, 2010

BSS Dec2010 Blog  2010 draws to a close, re-capping a key soundtrack for my year.

156. It’s the Year Two Thousand & Ten: Broken Social Scene with Here We Go Magic, Bronson Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Thursday December 16, 2010, $41.

In the course of being a multi-decade gig-goer, there are several acts I have ended up seeing five times or more. David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, and Rufus Wainwright among a few others are part of my “five or plus” club, and with this December gig at the Bronson Centre, Toronto-based collective Broken Social Scene are now members in good standing. Continue reading

152. Ready To Start: Arcade Fire, July 13, 2010

Arcade Fire Bluesfest July 13 2010 ticket 

For some reason, I couldn’t order a single pre-pay in the pre-sale for Cublet on this night, so I went for the print-at-home option.  I’m glad those options exist, but I’m still old school in liking the pre-printed tickets.  At least this gives a differentiating visual.

152. Ready To Start: Arcade Fire, Ottawa Bluesfest, Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Tuesday July 13, 2010, $50

After attending Ottawa Bluesfest annually for close to a decade, I’ve come to expect that a series of archetypes will play out via the performances of each year’s featured artists.  As Week Two kicked off after a mid-festival Monday break for both staff and punters (btw, great idea, Bluesfestfolk!—it’s a relief to be able for all to take a pause and come back refreshed), many of them have already materialized for me. Continue reading

147: Outtasite: Wilco, March 1, 2010

Personally, I hate this shade of green.

147: Outtasite: Wilco with Bahamas, Southam Hall, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Monday March 1, 2010, $54.75.

During a Lucinda Williams show in 2007, she talked to the crowd about her take on the synergy of a concert, how it’s not just about spectators watching a performer but about the two entities engaging, feeding off of each other with reciprocal energy. Well, this Wilco show was a perfect demonstration of The Lucinda Principle put into practice. Both band and audience were in a celebratory mood, primed for having a great time. The crowd brought enthusiasm and affection by the shedload and Wilco responded with the best set I have ever seen them play. I would describe this as a perfect concert. Continue reading

146. Sludgefeast: Dinosaur Jr., January 22, 2010

Dinosaur Jr. Capital Music Hall January 22 2010  

I kicked off my fifth decade of concert going with a bang via this show by Dinosaur Jr.

146. Sludgefeast: Dinosaur Jr. with MV & EE and Lou Barlow, the Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Friday January 22, 2010, $37.04.

In a recent issue of Uncut, The Who’s Roger Daltry addresses Pete Townshend’s worsening hearing problems, stating that “if carrying on is going to mean Pete going deaf, let’s stop now. Entering old age in a silent world – nothing is worth that.”

As a life-long music listener and concertgoer who has a bad tendency to crank it up to 11 way too often Continue reading