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025. So Here I Am: UB40, March 7, 1984 & March 14, 1985

UB40 Tickets 84 85UB40 play London, Ontario twice, a year apart almost to the week. (Ticket and program scans by VA.  Other images from internet and arranged by VA.)

025. So Here I Am: UB40, Centennial Hall, London, Ontario, March 7, 1984; Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, March 14, 1985

When you’re a tunehead lifer, farming your musical terrain with a polycultural approach to sonic agriculture, it’s a reality — indeed a necessity — that certain strains of artists/genres/stylistic obsessions inevitably drop out of and then later resurface in my listening crop rotations.  But, as I’ve previously noted, not all seasons’ harvests continue to yield again down through the years.  While some evergreen produce re-seed and return stronger than ever, others wither and dine on the vine. Continue reading

016. End of the Party: The (English) Beat with R.E.M., April 12, 1983


As with the Gang of Four concert, I came away only with the end stub.  Luckily, that practice was quickly scrapped. 

016. End of the Party: The (English) Beat with R.E.M., Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday April 12, 1983, $10.

In my memory-themed piece for the Boomtown Rats show, I pondered “In terms of the more review-centric pieces I am writing on contemporary shows, what am I leaving out now that I’d highlight later? What context and foreshadowing — invisible to me now — will become essential and evident as time passes?” This Beat/R.E.M. gig is a perfect specimen to examine through that lens. Continue reading

013. Night & Day: Joe Jackson, October 4, 1982

I no longer have my ticket for this concert, so I’m sending a big Thank You to Ms. P for providing me with a copy of hers. I do, however, still have my program (featured below).

013. Night & Day: Joe Jackson, Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, Canada, Monday October 4, 1982, $9.

Four years after my first visit to Alumni Hall to see Elvis Costello in November 1978, I returned to the same University of Western Ontario venue to see the guy who was often referred to as “The Poor Man’s” EC: Joe Jackson. Continue reading

003. This Year’s Model: Elvis Costello and the Attractions with the Battered Wives, November 6, 1978

A $7 concert.  That amount doesn’t even usually cover service fees these days.  According to my collection, tickets then were overall smaller than they are now and were vertical as often as they were horizontal.  Vertical tickets like this one seemed to have died out at some point in the ’90s, at least around these parts. 

003. This Year’s Model: Elvis Costello and the Attractions with the Battered Wives, Alumni Hall, University of Western Ontario (UWO), London, Ontario, Canada, Monday November 6, 1978, $7.

This show took place just six months after the Bob Seger gig and, at this point, the idea of going to see Seger would have been unthinkable for me.   Ah, the difference a few months can make when you’re young. Continue reading