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8 x 11: My “Best of” Musical Favourites from 2011

Best of 2011BLOG Photo

(Photo/Graphic by VA)

NOTE TO READERS: Owing to the March 2015 closure of OpenSalon.com — which was my primary publishing platform, where I initiated this blog and concert series project, and was where most of my pieces were accessed — I need to plug up a few blog-holes (i.e., post-up here a clutch of early Open Salon blog entries that I never transferred to this cyberabode).  This here post is one of those orphaned Ghosts of Blogging Past that needs a re-debut.

In advance of my Best of 2015 re-cap (appearing shortly), here is my second year-end music recap from February 2012: 8 x 11: My “Best of” Musical Favourites from 2011.   While I couldn’t order my fave long players and tracks at the time, I can certainly do so now from the perspective of four years on.  My revised lists would now be …

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159. Wouldn’t It Be Nice: Brian Wilson, June 20, 2011

 Brian Wilson Ticket, Ottawa, Monday June 20 2011, VariousArtists
This concert took place on Brian’s 69th birthday and the eve of this summer’s arrival.

159. Wouldn’t It Be Nice: Brian Wilson, Southam Hall, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Monday June 20, 2011, $92.94.

When I think of the Beach Boys, I make an instant association with the summer of 1976. It was not only their 15th anniversary but also the year I really started exploring their music. Continue reading