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025. So Here I Am: UB40, March 7, 1984 & March 14, 1985

UB40 Tickets 84 85UB40 play London, Ontario twice, a year apart almost to the week. (Ticket and program scans by VA.  Other images from internet and arranged by VA.)

025. So Here I Am: UB40, Centennial Hall, London, Ontario, March 7, 1984; Alumni Hall, UWO, London, Ontario, March 14, 1985

When you’re a tunehead lifer, farming your musical terrain with a polycultural approach to sonic agriculture, it’s a reality — indeed a necessity — that certain strains of artists/genres/stylistic obsessions inevitably drop out of and then later resurface in my listening crop rotations.  But, as I’ve previously noted, not all seasons’ harvests continue to yield again down through the years.  While some evergreen produce re-seed and return stronger than ever, others wither and dine on the vine. Continue reading

007. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Ramones with The Demics, May 20, 1980

I do not have my ticket stub for this show.  In its place, here is a handbill for the concert, forwarded to me by a friend, gleaned from somewhere on the internet.  These handbills were plastered all over downtown London for weeks prior to this much-anticipated gig.

007. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Ramones with The Demics, Centennial Hall, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday May 20, 1980, $7.

In my previous piece on The Boomtown Rats’ gig from March 1980, I discussed how time and hindsight afford one a contextual luxury that is impossible to posses during any particular era’s here and now.  This 1980 Ramones concert, with returning locals the Demics as opening act, is a perfect case in point.  At the time, I simply enjoyed this night out as one pretty thrilling concert, but in retrospect I see it as being part of each artists’ aspirational home stretch.  It felt like a new beginning in a season of anticipated triumph, but it was really one of the last moments of a closing door. Continue reading