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001. The Thrill of It All: Roxy Music, February 8, 1975

Roxy Music London Arena February 8 1975 Canada

Unfortunately, my ticket for this show is long lost.  Someone sent me this picture from somewhere on the net but I’m not sure from where.  Let me know if it’s yours.  I remember that I did have a stub exactly like this in an old wallet for years.  Damn.

001. The Thrill of It All: Roxy Music, London Arena, London, Ontario, Canada, February 8, 1975, approximate price $6, ticket M.I.A. 

My concert-going life started shortly after I turned 12 with this Roxy Music gig.  I had been a huge Roxy fan for just over a year.   And let us remember: a year is long time when you’re that age (the equivalent of about five of my current early middle-aged years).

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