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20/12: My Musical Favourites and Re/Discoveries of Last Year

 (8-Tracks Mock-Up by VA)

After a break of several months I’m returning to writing and to the My Life — In Concert! series.  But first, my annual recap …

Rarely have I been so happy to put a year to bed as 2012.  For me, it was the very essence of the phrase “exceedingly crappadoodles.” So, rather than rehash the family crises, near job loss, triple shooting and homicide a few doors down, car theft, etc. etc, etc., I’ll Instead ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive: it’s a new year that’s off to a much better start; spring is around the corner — and there was a shed-load of great tunes during the past year so that not all my associations with it are bad ones. Continue reading

146. Sludgefeast: Dinosaur Jr., January 22, 2010

Dinosaur Jr. Capital Music Hall January 22 2010  

I kicked off my fifth decade of concert going with a bang via this show by Dinosaur Jr.

146. Sludgefeast: Dinosaur Jr. with MV & EE and Lou Barlow, the Capital Music Hall, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Friday January 22, 2010, $37.04.

In a recent issue of Uncut, The Who’s Roger Daltry addresses Pete Townshend’s worsening hearing problems, stating that “if carrying on is going to mean Pete going deaf, let’s stop now. Entering old age in a silent world – nothing is worth that.”

As a life-long music listener and concertgoer who has a bad tendency to crank it up to 11 way too often Continue reading