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VA-Tel presents 20 OUTTASIGHT XMAS SENSATIONS! (Xmas #8)

VA-Tel presents 20 Outtasight Xmas Sensations(Cover by VariousArtists; Pics grabbed from ye olde Internet)

20 Sensational Hits! 20 Sensational Stars!

Here’s some fun’n’hip shakin’ musical accompaniment for the annual Santafest.  This splendiferous list mostly avoids the obvious or overly solemn, and should get the gang groovin’ at your seasonal shindig while helping to mask the sound of partygoers vomiting in the bathroom after too many Baileys … or drive everyone swiftly out the door, depending on the circles you run in.  (A playlist of this terrific 20 can be found over on my YouTube channel, VATV). Continue reading

VariousArtists’ 13 Halloween Listening Recommendations

variousartists 13 halloween listening recommendations

 (Graphic and pumpkins by VA.  Stills grabbed from web and videos from YouTube)


Last week I laid out 13 possibly-Halloween-friendly viewing suggestions and this week I have an unlucky 13 playlist appropriate for the season of graves’n’goblins.  I’ve tried to avoid the more obvious selections with choices ranging from Halloween-specific to it’s-a-conceptual-stretch.  So, parade around in the costume of your choice, inhale bite sized chocolate bars, crank up the gramophone and groove (there’s also a link to the playlist at the bottom of the page) …

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007. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Ramones with The Demics, May 20, 1980

I do not have my ticket stub for this show.  In its place, here is a handbill for the concert, forwarded to me by a friend, gleaned from somewhere on the internet.  These handbills were plastered all over downtown London for weeks prior to this much-anticipated gig.

007. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Ramones with The Demics, Centennial Hall, London, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday May 20, 1980, $7.

In my previous piece on The Boomtown Rats’ gig from March 1980, I discussed how time and hindsight afford one a contextual luxury that is impossible to posses during any particular era’s here and now.  This 1980 Ramones concert, with returning locals the Demics as opening act, is a perfect case in point.  At the time, I simply enjoyed this night out as one pretty thrilling concert, but in retrospect I see it as being part of each artists’ aspirational home stretch.  It felt like a new beginning in a season of anticipated triumph, but it was really one of the last moments of a closing door. Continue reading