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004. This Is the Modern World: The Jam, April 10, 1979

This size of ticket is similar to common contemporary standards. Canadian readers of a certain vintage will recognize the logo for the Dominion grocery chain—a capital D inset with a maple leaf—watermarked into the background.

004. This Is the Modern World: The Jam, Rex Danforth Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Tuesday April 10, 1979, $7.50.

That feeling, that something I had hoped to find at the Elvis Costello concert—well, I found it here. This was a killer show. The Jam were burning with passion and, with sharp rapidity, they delivered one of the tightest sets I’ve seen. I think Paul Weller hit one bum note the whole night—and boy did he look pissed when he did it! He, Bruce Foxton, and Rick Buckler seemed to be energy incarnate, never flagging for a moment. Continue reading