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152. Ready To Start: Arcade Fire, July 13, 2010

Arcade Fire Bluesfest July 13 2010 ticket 

For some reason, I couldn’t order a single pre-pay in the pre-sale for Cublet on this night, so I went for the print-at-home option.  I’m glad those options exist, but I’m still old school in liking the pre-printed tickets.  At least this gives a differentiating visual.

152. Ready To Start: Arcade Fire, Ottawa Bluesfest, Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, Ontario, Tuesday July 13, 2010, $50

After attending Ottawa Bluesfest annually for close to a decade, I’ve come to expect that a series of archetypes will play out via the performances of each year’s featured artists.  As Week Two kicked off after a mid-festival Monday break for both staff and punters (btw, great idea, Bluesfestfolk!—it’s a relief to be able for all to take a pause and come back refreshed), many of them have already materialized for me. Continue reading